• Training Videos

Training Videos


90% of information stored in brain is Visual so why is the Training in Writing content?

  • Audio Visual Training is the most important Effective Method of Training
  • We perform End to End Solutions for Creating Customized Training Videos for your organizational needs.
  • All our Videos have Actors enacting the learning outcome to make sure it is engaging as well as informative.

Our Video Production Solution will cover:

# Particulars Activity
1Preparing ScriptLearning Outcome, Screenplay, Narration /Dialogues, Prop & Set up
2TranslationLanguages as per the requirement
3ShootingDirection, Camera (of your choice) & lights
4EditingSpecial Effects, Learning Emphasis
5Voice DubbingLanguages as per the requirement

Method of Creating Videos

  • Company Procedures
  • Do's & Don'ts,
  • Right Method vs Wrong Method
  • Learning outcome

Topic: We create Videos on the following

  1. Customer Service
  2. Sales Process - Meet, Greet & Treat
  3. Grooming
  4. Setting up the Store
  5. Telephone Etiquettes
  6. Handling Customer Complaints
  7. Roles, Duties & Responsibilities
  8. People Management